Monday, May 5, 2008


Great run today. Weather was gorgeous with blue skies and sunny, temp about 52 degrees. Just beautiful:) Did my regular 4 mile + run, and it felt really good. Legs feel strong. Today was my 4th day of running in a row. First time, and no aches and pains. Tomorrow will be a rest day, or a very slow treadmill run. I have to be careful as I have my race on Sunday and I don't want to have heavy legs for the race. So, tomorrow will probably be a rest day!
Time: 46:23
Distance: 4:31
Avg Pace: 10:45
Calories: 343
Avg HR: 140 Cardiac Drift: 157 (Max HR I believe is 183)
Pretty much ran a very consistent effort today, but HR spiked when came upon hills, but my effort did not.
I'm no longer going to record my daily mile splits, takes too much time, and I have all the info loged in the Garmin training center. But I will log splits, etc, for all my RACES though.

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BeachRunner411 said...

Nice work. You will have a great race on Sunday!