Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Weather outside was gorgeous. Blue skies and sunny, temperature in the 70's. But I chose to go to the gym and do my run on the treadmill. LOL I wanted to monitor my heartrate and make sure I did a slow and steady run. Funny thing was, since it was a gorgeous day outside, I figured I'd be the only one at the gym. Nope, it was PACKED and it was very HOT. But I was lucky and got my favorite TM by the door and thankfully the door was open during my run. I'm sure the heat affected my heartrate, as the numbers were a little bit higher today than the last MAF run, but still well below my 70%. But the legs felt awesome, I set the TM at a 1% incline. This was my longest distance (and time) on the treadmill to date.

TM speed: 4.5
Time: 53:12
Distance: 4 miles
Avg Pace: 13:18
AVG HR 119 Cardiac Drift: 132 (I think my MAX is 199 based on the #'s of my last race)
Splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 13:18 Avg HR: 109 Cardiac Drift: 119
Mile 2: 13:18 Avg HR: 118 Cardiac Drift: 126
Mile 3: 13:18 Avg HR: 123 Cardiac Drift: 130
Mile 4: 13:18 Avg HR: 127 Cardiac Drift: 132


robison52 said...

Congrats on reaching your longest time and distance on a dreadmill! Are you still sane after the experience?

Nothing worse than a crowded gym making it even hotter to train! I find my own cardiac drift by over 10 beat due to the heat and sometimes would adjust my heart rate goal higher as to factor in the heat.

I also have my favorite treadmill at the gym, which is the farthest from the door so I don't get distracted by other gym members, but more importantly I realize that every treadmill settings are a little different...if I use the same treadmill the numbers are always constant. My gym, 24 Hour Fitness, has 18 treadmills and I rarely have a problem getting the same treadmill in my little corner of the world.

Currently, I'm still running on the roads and hope I don't need the treadmill until June.

By the way, today was the first day I used "Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55," It works great, not only don't I get it in my eyes, but the lotion has a light clean feel and doesn't sweat off during my entire 7 mile run! THANKS FOR THE TIP!!!

mom2beccaNallie said...

Hi Bruce,

Actually I watched my TV show on my ipod video while I ran on the treadmill and before I knew it my run was done. I can't believe I'm saying it, but I actually am enjoying running on the treadmill this time around. I think you are right. I ran outside for several months before coming inside to the treadmill so my legs were a little stronger. But suprisingly I like the treadmill, but I love outside, so now I know I won't miss a run:)

I like the one by the door as it is the most accurate, and when the gym or weather is hot, the door can be left open:) The gym I go to is tiny. Only has 4 treadmills, but it does the job.

So happy to hear the Neutrogena sunscreen worked out for you!! Wow, 7 mile run in the vegas sun and no dripping in the eyes. Cool. You're welcome! Glad I could help!!