Monday, May 19, 2008


Got the kids off to school, and hit the road. It was beautiful outside this morning, though a bit chilly (52 degrees). Basically did the same run as yesterday, but added another mile:) No geese issue today, but I forgot my water:( Luckily it wasn't hot so I really didn't need it, but I have to remember to bring my camel back!!!!

Time: 59:43
Distance: 5.33 miles
Avg pace: 11:12
Calories: 461
Avg HR: 136bpm Cardia Drift: 149 (Not sure what my Max is, but I'm guessing around 180)
Splits were as follows:
Mile 1: 12:40 129bpm Cardia Drift: 149
Mile 2: 10:52 137bpm Cardia Drift: 149
Mile 3: 11:17 131bpm Cardia Drift: 137
Mile 4: 10:40 140bpm Cardia Drift: 149
Mile 5: 10:42 141bpm Cardia Drift: 149
.33 : 3:30 140bpm Cardia Drift: 143

I really like this run I did today. I am going to try to keep my runs to no less than 5 miles. I ran today for the first time at almost an hour. I really want to increase the time I am out there, as well as the mileage. My half marathon is exactly 21 weeks from yesterday, and my official training will start in 3 weeks. I have decided to do the Hansons, 18 week Half Marathon program. ( Got the idea from Steverunner of phedippidations.

As I have run 3 days in a row, including a race, tomorrow will be a rest day:)


D10 said...

Nice run today and great job on the 10k. Love the Jack Johnson song Upside Down. When I heard it on your blog it made me smile!

CewTwo said...

I like to vary my runs. I like to run about 30 miles a week, but not the same amount every day. So, with a long run on the weekends, the rest of the runs for the week can be of any size. I hardly ever run less than 3 miles though.

Rest is important! Don't deny your body the ability to recover! I have taken 2 days off since my recent half-marathon, but I will run tomorrow! Generally, I rest one day a week!

mom2beccaNallie said...

Hi d10!

Thanks! I chose the Upside Down song as it is the theme song for the movie "Curious George". As I kid I LOVED Curious George, and my kids are following suit. I also thought the music appropriate, as I have nicknamed my Garmins Vertual Partner, "George". LOL

mom2beccaNallie said...

Hey cewtwo!

Great advice on the mileage! I'm working my way up to running 5 days a week. By July, maybe 6 days, but either way I always take rest days. So far I feel great after running 3 days in a row, so I may go to six days a week sooner, but I'm still a beginner and don't want to push anything:) I'm in this for the long hall. The marathon isn't until Nov of 2009, and I will stay injury free if it's the last thing I do.

Still can't believe my training for the half starts in 3 weeks. Now, there is no turning back:) LOL And my training for the Marathon begins this November to give me plenty of basebuilding phase and training.

Btw, you did fantastic in your half this past weekend!!

Marcy said...

Ooooooo I didn't realize that you had that song on here! (I always have the vol off LOL) I love that song! I'll have to make a note to turn on the vol from now on hehe.

The run sounded good :-) Glad that there were no geese issues hehe

robison52 said...

52 degrees would be PERFECT for me! Unfortunately, it'll be 108 degrees in Vegas today. Visited the Hanson site, first time there...wouldn't it be great to be sponsored by them?!! Nice time to start building a small base for your upcoming half-mary in 21 weeks, plenty of time to train.

mom2beccaNallie said...

Hey Bruce!

Wow, those temperatures are INSANE!! Make sure to drink plenty, and get inside on the treadmill when it gets unbearable.

That would be great if we could get the Hansons to sponsor us. I'm really looking forward to the Hanson half marathon training and also to building my base in the next few weeks. My legs have felt really good.

BeachRunner411 said...

Another great run today! Nice work. :)