Saturday, January 3, 2009


LOL, no I didn't shat my shorts, but man am I thankful I was running on the TM at the gym. Kind of ironic as yesterday was my 1 year anny for running:) Around mile 3.5 my belly really started to cramp and just felt icky. I stuck it out till Mile 4, and stopped the TM, and bolted for the ladies room LOL Made it, but man, I have never shat so much in my life. LOL Plan for today was to run 6, so after I got myself together I got back on the TM. I drink every mile, so I still had my water bottle. I finished it. Then started running again. At about the 5 mile mark, I decided to call it quits cause I was just feeling icky and dehydrated. Came home and spending the day drinking water:)

1:15pm - Basically the same run as yesterday, just more miles. Set the TM to 0% incline & 5.8 speed.

M1 - 10:24
M2 - 10:15
M3 - 10:16
M4 - 10:16
M5 - 10:11

6:00pm - Pushup Challenge W4D2 - modified pushups

Glad hubby was watching me to make sure I stuck to good form, though modified pushups. 14+16+12+12+20=74 LOL, on my last pushup of the last set I scared my kids when I screamd/grunted, but I finished!!

Last workout, in the last set I got to the minimum 17 and when I tried to hit the next one, I fell flat on my face. LOL Today, last set minimum was 18, and I hit 20. Yeah baby!!! Definitely getting stronger.

I SO badly want to try real pushups to see where I am at, but will resist the temptation & stick to the program:)!!


BeachRunner said...

Ummm, methinks that's too much info.

Andrea Hill said...

I'm not going to comment on this post specifically... ;) Just wanted to say hello! I' envious about your running NYCM! I entered the lottery last year but didn't get in.

robison52 said...

Sometimes when I have the stomach cramps, diahrrea, and dehydration it's an early sign of a flu...drink more juices and take Vitamin C. You're consistency is going to make a very successful 2009!!

Anonymous said...

That is the worst feeling ever. Luckily for you there was a bathroom close by. I have had to make some port a jon stops myself.