Sunday, January 4, 2009

Well after yesterdays run, todays run went fantastic!! BR411 and I both ran on the TMs at the gym and it was great running side by side:)

11:50am - TM set at 0% incline & 5.8 speed. Ran for 1:02:00 for 6 miles
M1 - 10:20 161bpm
M2 - 10:20 179bpm
M3 - 10:20 167bpm
M4 - 10:20 168bpm
M5 - 10:20 157bpm
M6 - 10:20 149bpm


Anonymous said...

Nice job!

BeachRunner said...

D's right. Nice job!

tfh said...

Great run! It's so nice being able to run side by side at different paces on the TM, isn't it?