Saturday, January 17, 2009


Haven't run since Wednesday, nor have I done pushups or situps. Doing the house rearranging and participating in PARP took a lot out of me, so I relaxed Thursday and Friday. I woke today very rested and eager to go.

1:15pm - Hit the gym. It was packed but thankfully there was a TM available. YEAH!! It was the TM that maxes at 60min, so I had to break up my run into two 5 mile stints. But at least I got a long run in. Can't remember the last long run. LOL

Legs felt very strong, felt like I could run forever, but chose to stick to the plan.

My avg HR was 136 cardiac drift: 147

M1 10:40 123
M2 10:39 131
M3 10:40 139
M4 10:40 141
M5 10:40 140
M6 10:33 137
M7 10:40 136
M8 10:40 137
M9 10:39 138
M10 10:41 139

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Anonymous said...

Nice job on the TM. Hope you and the crew are staying warm.