Friday, January 30, 2009


1:15 - got to the gym after a crazy morning, and new today was supposed to be an 11 mile run, but I had to be done by 3pm to pick Allie up from school, and I didn't want to push it, so I set the TM to 5.6 for the 1st mile, then 5.8 for the remainder, and ran for 1:32:06. Legs felt good, and glad I didn't push it! Decided to try something new today as an experiment, and it worked great. I had two small size snickers, I cut each in half and had 4 small pieces. At the 3 mile mark, 6 mile mark and 9 mile mark I at one of the small pieces. It was great and didn't upset my stomach at all. Not sure if snickers was what I was supposed to use, but I didn't have Milkey Ways.

The only bummer was that they vacuumed again and skewed my HR numbers, but heck, I'm still happy with the numbers over all, and the run felt great!!

My avg HR was 144 cardiac drift: 225

M1 10:40 165
M2 10:39 136
M3 10:40 140
M4 10:40 142
M5 10:40 144
M6 10:33 144
M7 10:40 144
M8 10:40 143
M9 10:39 142

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