Thursday, January 8, 2009


11:45am - Messed up on my pushup challenge, today was the start of week 5, so I was supposed to do an exhaustion test to determine which column I would do for weeks 5&6, but I forgot, and just started the program at week5, day 1, column 1 again, modified pushups
Still thrilled with my progress, but I will take tomorrow off and on Saturday I will do the exhaustion test to determine which column I should be doing and then on Monday start week 5 all over again. So what's a few extra pushups. LOL

1:27pm - Got to the gym, empty again:). I jumped on the TM, incline 0%, and set it for 5.6, yesterdays run felt so good, wanted to do it again! Ran for 1:03:19 for 6 miles. It felt awesome!!!

Avg HR was 131 cardiac drift: 223 (not sure what it really was, as the employee once again vacuumed during my 2nd mile, when I asked her to stop she did, but still messed up the numbers:( She has agreed to not vacuum when I am running on the TM, lets see if that happens. LOL

M1 - 10:40 122bpm
M2 - 10:32 131bpm
M3 - 10:31 132pm
M4 - 10:32 132bpm
M5 - 10:31 135bpm
M6 - 10:31 136bpm

Much better on hitting the lap button for each mile split:) and the heartrate was better too!

Still haven't done the situps, but hope to do them before I crash for the nite:) Will hopefully post back those results before bedtime.

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tfh said...

91 pushups? Wow!