Monday, January 26, 2009


9:30 - After I dropped my kids at school, I hit the gym for power yoga, (9:30 - 11am). I'm really enjoying it. It was my 4th class, and I already feel a difference when I run, and during the class I can tell that I am doing more of the moves, with less discomfort. LOL Guess this old body can become flexible.

1:15pm - FINALLY got to the gym at my normal time, so there was NO rushing whatsoever. YEAHHHHH!!! Set the TM to 5.6, ran for 1 mile, then upped it to 5.8, and ran the next 5 miles at that. Legs are really feeling strong and I am way excited about my heartrate.

My avg HR was 131 cardiac drift: 144

M1 10:39 127 Cardiac Drift: 118
M2 10:12 134 Cardiac Drift: 129
M3 10:14 137 Cardiac Drift: 132
M4 10:13 143 Cardiac Drift: 134
M5 10:13 145 Cardiac Drift: 136
M6 10:13 146 Cardiac Drift: 138

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