Monday, January 12, 2009


9:30am – 11am – yoga. Went back for another class. It was great! I can’t even begin to write down what we did. All I know is that I did more today than I did last time, and it felt great!

1:05pm – Gym was nice an empty again. I jumped on the TM, incline 0%, and set it for 5.6, ran for for 1:03:21 for 6 miles. It felt awesome!!! Thought it might hurt after the yoga, but it didn’t. I wanted to do a longer run since I didn’t run at all this weekend because of the snow. But I got to the gym later than I wanted and I had to get the kids, so I settled for a really good 6 mile run!

Avg HR was 136 Cardiac drift: 146

M1 - 10:40 119bpm
M2 - 10:32 123bpm
M3 - 10:31 126pm
M4 - 10:32 131bpm
M5 - 10:32 131bpm
M6 - 10:32 136bpm

6:45pm – Was going to do my pushups and situps tomorrow as I was a bit sore from yoga this morning, but I was scheduled to do them today and I just wanted to do them, so I did LOL
Pushup challenge W5D1 modified, 17+19+15+15+28=94 Arms are shaking like crazy as I type this, but it’s a good shake after an awesome workout!

7:05pm – Situp challenge W1D2 9+12+9+9+12+=51 Abs hurt a bit, but feels good to have it done, knowing I don’t have to do situps tomorrow LOL


D10 said...

YOu have a nice mix going. You are going to be so strong for all the races this year.

430orbust said...

Way to go! I'm a week into the pushups and already notice a big improvement!

BeachRunner said...

Woo! Now you are really rocking! :)

tfh said...

Wow, that is a lot for one day! You ARE rockin' and making me laugh ("I can't even begin to write down what we did"). Sounds good to me!