Monday, January 19, 2009


In-laws came and took the kids to lunch, so I finally had some free time to go to the gym and get my run in. I looked at the calendar, and there are no school vacations for 27 days, so, I should be able to get some good quality marathon training in between now and then!!

1:00pm - got to the gym and it was packed, but the TM's were vacant. YEAH!! Man, I still can't believe the resolution workout people are still hitting the gym. Good for them, and thankfully a TM has been vacant each time I've gone to the gym, but enough is enough. But the upside of a crowded gym is that they didn't vacuum, so I got a great reading on my Garmin HR monitor.

Set the TM to 5.6, and ran for 4miles in 42:14

Avg HR was 128 Cardiac drift: 139

M1 - 10:39 120bpm
M2 - 10:31 128bpm
M3 - 10:31 132pm
M4 - 10:31 134bpm

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