Wednesday, January 28, 2009


2:10pm - Got to the gym and jumped on the same TM, set it to 5.6 and ran 6 miles in 1:03:16, I ran the EXACT same run as yesterday, everything the same, same TM, same speed, everything, except my HR was even lower today!!!

Avg HR was 131 Cardiac Drift: 142

M1 10:36 127 Cardiac Drift: 136
M2 10:33 134 Cardiac Drift: 142
M3 10:31 137 Cardiac Drift: 140
M4 10:32 143 Cardiac Drift: 142
M5 10:31 145 Cardiac Drift: 140
M6 10:32 146 Cardiac Drift: 142

I am so psyched to see that my Heartrate is improving! I really believe in this kind of training and I'm seeing the results, lets just hope come 5/3 on Marathon day I can reap the rewards!!!!

Have finally decided how my training is going to go:

Monday - Long run (so that I don't take up family time on Weekends!!!)
Tuesday - spin or recovery run, not sure but I want to fit in 2 spin classes a week
Wednesday - Tempo run
Thursday - Recovery run
Friday - Medium Long Run
Saturday - spin class or recovery run, again, not sure
Sunday - General Aerobic run, run like a progression

My basebuilding has finished and I feel very prepared for the above. I feel like I can run the 7 days a week, but I have read so much good stuff about spinning that I really want to incorporate 2 days of spinning (a great cardio workout, works muscles not used or a bit different than running). I just don't know where to put the spinning in. I knocked out Tuesday and Saturdays 6 mile recovery runs and put in the spin class, but my only concern is if I will be able to handle a spin class after a long run and after a Medium Long Run. I guess next week will be the test, just hope I don't over due it LOL

And I will do yoga 2 days a week, the core conditioning has only been extremely helpful and it has not negatively affected my running at all. Lets just hope that training continues the way it's been and that I'll be even more prepared for Marathon day!!


D10 said...

Nice job on the base building. You have a lot going on. Make sure you listen to your body.

tfh said...

Tough schedule! You are going to be in GREAT shape for the marathon-- so cool to see HR improvements.

Giovanni Ciriani said...

Have you thought about improving your recovery with EMS? See this post in the EMS Endurance group @ Yahoo.

robison52 said...

Great base training, you're going to clobber that marathon!! Looking forward to reading about your successful marathon.