Thursday, January 22, 2009


Oh well, somethings gotta give, and with Allie's 6th birthday, THAT wasn't a choice, so cupcakes were made, got to the gym had a great run, but there was no time for power yoga:( Will aim for Monday for that!!

1:50pm - got to the gym, again EMPTY, love that!! Set the TM to 5.8, kept it at that for all 5 miles, ran for 51:25.

HR avg was 139 and Cardiac Drift: 147 Another great run!!

M1 - 10:22 133bpm
M2 - 10:16 140bpm
M3 - 10:16 141pm
M4 - 10:15 141bpm
M5 - 10:15 141bpm

Unfortuneately, Mr. BR411 got stuck in meetings in New Bedford, MA until 4pm, so he won't be home for dinner to celebrate Allies bday:( He is expected at 9pm, depending on traffic, so I will keep the girls up later than usual (don't think they are going to complain about that LOL), and we will celebrate in the morning. Then this Saturday we celebrate with Mr. BR411's family, and then my family the next Saturday, so again, it is the never ending birthday, oh to be a kid again LOL

Just looking at last year this time, granted I had just started running with the C25K program, but by 1.22.08 I had completed 7 run/walks for a total of 11.5 miles, this year, for 1.22.09, I have completed 13 runs, for a total of 67 miles. Not sure if I'll reach my goal of 2,009 miles for the year, but I know I will blow away last years mileage of 760.99.


Anonymous said...

Did you really say 2,009 miles for the year?!?!? OMG! You do realize that is 5.5 miles per day, every day of the year?

Enjoy the rest of the day - birthdays for 6 year olds are loads of fun, at least until they get sugared up!

tfh said...

You still managed to fit in A LOT even without the yoga. Have a great weekend and fun celebrating Allie's birthday (again and again!).