Saturday, May 30, 2009


Goal was to run 4 miles at a 10min pace +/- 10secs.

Temp was warm, 67F at the beg, 70F at the end, but the run was great. Legs/knee feel awesome.

I ran the pond route and did my best to keep it slow. Man, this pace feels slow Hahaha, something 17mths ago I never would have dreamed of saying. LOL

4 miles in 41:04

Mile splits according to my Garmin 301:
M1 - 10:03
M2 - 9:59
M3 - 10:04
M4 - 9:58

Pretty damn consistent, if I do say so myself:)!!!

Followed my run immediately with the core wo:!!

1-Min Planks 2 sets
Bicycles 2 sets of 25
Oblique crunches 0 failed LOL
Hip Extensions 1 set of 25
Pushups 1 set of 20

Completed the whole core workout, except for the Oblique crunches. Attempted, but failed on first one LOL, not strong enough yet and still a tad sore. Will try them next time:)Planks were great, held for 1min, then 2nd time, could only hold for 50secs. Still good tho:) Completed the pushups (girlie style), and by the 20th I was exhausted. But completed them:)!! Good workout:)!!

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