Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Got out the door at 10:23am. Just a gorgeous day; blue skies and sunny.

Great run, tho a tad hot out there today. At beginning of run temp said 64F by the end it said 71F.

Had 5 easy miles at conversational pace. Just ran my 5 mile route without looking at the Garmin 301 till the end when I hit the 5 mile mark. I didn't have to look at it because I set it to beep at me at each mile split, so when I hit the final 5 mile split, I knew my run was finished. Run felt real good out there today. Didn't wear a knee brace (I don't want to become dependant on it), and since it was an easy run, wanted to see if I'd feel anything. Knee past the test, pain free run. YEAH:)!!

Though not that important, but hard habit to break since I'm so anal on #'s LOL, here are the overal mile splits, which my Garmin 301 told me when I got back to the house and synced it to my PC. So fun running without being dependant on a watch. Just hit start, never look at the watch/Garmin 301, and after the run is over, it tells you all the cool things about how you ran the run; length of run, mile splits, elevation, you name it.

M1 - 10:23
M2 - 10:18
M3 - 9:39
M4 - 9:28
M5 - 9:12


tfh said...

Negative splits without even looking at your watch? Not bad at all! Glad the knee is pain-free.

Matthew said...

how do you know your mile splits without even looking? what kind of watch do you have?

teacherwoman said...

Nice work!