Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Todays run was run for a certain amount of time, NOT distance.
I was told to run for 1:08:08

with a 10min warm up at a very easy conversational pace Followed by
running for 10min @ 8:50 pace with a 2min recovery jog
This interval was repeated 4x
and then I jogged a very easy 10min cool down

I realize I wasn't supposed to clock mileage but the Garmin was on so (but I only referred to it to know when my 10min were up and when my 2 min were up) here it is: 7.12 miles, but this run was NOT run for distance, it was run for specific times at a certain pace intervals.

Knees felt great, legs felt great. I could get used to running workouts like this:)

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Jenny said...

Huh. What an odd very very specific time goal! What training plan are you on? It sounded like a good run!