Monday, May 25, 2009


Todays sched called for 1 mile w/u, then 2 miles @ an 8:50 pace, then a mile @ a 8:30 pace, then a mile c/d. For a total of 5 miles.

Woke a little later than I planned, as time was rushed today b/c my kids were marching in the Memorial Day Parade. So I woke at 7:35, was out the door by 8:05, legs felt ok during the w/u, but was thinking how am I going to do the splits Josh wants me to when I feel tired. LOL Was in the sun all day yesterday at the club. Though I didn't have any alcohol. Haven't had any alcohol since 5/17, and from now on, not having any more alcohol:)!

Warmup felt ok, then it was time to hit the splits, watch kept going back and forth, but I was pretty sure I was on target or a tad fast for all the splits, but once I started, my legs just felt awesome. I guess I'm finding it hard to stick to a certain pace, and would rather run them a tad too fast, then too slow LOL Is this ok Josh?? Then I ran the last mile as a cool down.

Funny, I used to nail my splits when I was running them at 10min pace, now that I'm using speed work/invervals, I find it harder to hit the splits, but at least my times are on the faster end and not the slower end:)!!

5 miles in 44:56 (overall pace 8:56)

Mile splits were as follows:

M1 - 10:22
M2 - 8:22
M3 - 8:38
M4 - 7:57
M5 - 9:37

Workout as a whole really felt awesome. I felt like I could have done more splits, but was happy they were over, and really enjoyed the last mile cooldown.


Anonymous said...

Running faster splits is definitely better than running them slower! Tell BR I said hello.

teacherwoman said...

Your workouts are looking great! :)