Friday, May 22, 2009


Workout called for running all miles at conversational pace, and then the last .5 speed up and the last 400meters full out sprint.

I chose a new route today, as I didn't want to run round and round. LOL I mapped out a great 8 mile route, that included some gradual hills. Legs/knee felt awesome, tho the temp was about 80F, most of my run (thankfully) was in the shade, so it wasn't so bad. I brought 20oz of powerade mixed with water, and I also took a carb boom vanilla/orange gell at the 5 mile mark.
Don't know why I did, but I weighed myself before the run and I was 119, and after the run I weighed myself again and I was 117.2, granted my run was in the late PM, so not sure how accurate the original weight was, but looks like I lost about 2lbs on the run. Does that mean I didn't drink enough? I never felt winded, thirsty or anything, it was just an awesome run. Tho, the sprint at the end was a tad hard to do, but I did it:)!!

Mile splits according to my Garmin 301 were:

M1 - 9:43
M2 - 9:35
M3 - 9:21
M4 - 9:35
M5 - 9:06
M6 - 9:38 (there was a gradual hill)
M7 - 9:14 (a gradual downhill)
M8 - 8:38 (with the sprint at last part:)

Overall the run felt great and my legs felt amazing:)

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robison52 said...

Nice strong long run! I normally lose 1-3 pounds from water loss and don't think it's that serious. Recent experts recommend you drink according to thirst due to many runners drinking too much fluids, since you weren't thirsty you probably drank enough.