Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Goal for today was 5 miles in the 9:35space range, no faster, and no slower than 10s.

Temp was a tad chilly at 59F and breezy, but while running it felt delightful. I chose a route with more hills in it today. Again, another full loop. It was awesome, legs/knee felt really good. I felt very comfortable out there, and kept my pace very consistent to what Josh wanted:)! Again, I find it easier to keep my splits/pace consistent at the 10min range. But my body WILL learn to do it at the faster pace too, I just KNOW it:)!!

Got out the door at 9:41am, right after I got kids off to school.

Mile splits were as follows:
M1 - 9:59
M2 - 9:52
M3 - 9:54
M4 - 9:41
M5 -10:25 (all uphill)

Miles 2.5 - 3 had me running an elevation of 97Ft up to 210Ft.
Miles 4-5 had me running an elevation of 64Ft to 205Ft.

I'm hoping by running on hills now my legs will get stronger. For the past few months I pretty much stuck to flat surfaces with the gradual slight incline. But since NYC is known to have hills I want to incorportate the hills, since I do live in a hilly section. I just don't want to over due it with hills, that my easy/recovery/maintenance runs all of a sudden become hard workouts, but todays just felt perfect:)!!

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