Wednesday, May 27, 2009


wo today called for 1m w/u followed by 6 x 60sec hill sprints with jogging recovery back down; w 10 pushups and 10 crunches each time I got to the bottom, then a 1m c/d

It was cold and rainy out there today. Temp said 54F, but I only got wet on the mile w/u & c/d, cause I live in the woods, so lots of trees to cover the street, so I barely got wet when running the hill sprints:)

I chose my street to run the hill sprints. From my house to the top at the Stop Sign is .1M, with an elevation of 127 ft to 332 ft.

However, to get my 1m w/u in I had to run down the hill by the pond, so I ran that mile in 10min, then walked it back up to my house (another .21m), then stretched alot, then started the hill sprints.

Wow, I completed all 6 with pu/crunches, but by the 3rd hill sprint I wanted to puke. The pu were ok till around the 3rd set when they were getting harder, but I did them all. Granted they were done modified, but at least I did them, and my arms feel like they got an amazing workout. Crunches felt good throughout, tho toward the end they were tough too.

I found after each hill repeat, that I felt stronger running the first half of the hill, but then would teater out at the end at full exhaustion, but it really felt awesome, as I have never done a workout like this before.

When I finished my last set I cooled down with a mile run. I came right inside and did my post core workout. Another 20 pu, 20 crunches, 50 bicycles, and 2 sets of 1min planks.

I'm officially exhausted, hungry and wanting a hot bath tub. In my experience, that means I nailed this workout baby:) Tomorrow is a rest day for me, one in which I believe I just earned:)!!!


D10 said...

Great workout! The more you do tehm the stronger you will feel throughout. Enjoy the rest day.

BeachRunner said...

Great job, honey.

Hi D!!!

Michelle said...

That is really an awesome workout!!! Great job!!!

Say hi to BR!!