Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another good run today. Temp said 36 degrees, and still blue skies and sunny:) Kept my pace up like yesterday, but today HR didn't go over 148!! Only 1 beat higher than my 70%, and the times were basically the same:) Pace felt great! Felt like I could run forever:)

My splits were as follows:
Mile1= 9:56 AVGHR 137 MAXHR 148
Mile2= 9:51 AVGHR 142 MAXHR 148
Mile3= 9:42 AVGHR 141 MAXHR 148
.1= 1:31 AVGHR 137 MAXHR 139

Majority of the HR stayed in the zone (29:38), below 147.
Only above zzone for 1:10 and below zone for :12 seconds
Very pleased with how my training is going. Man, can't believe two months ago today, I was sitting on my couch and couldn't run 10 feet. Now I'm running 3 miles easily and want to do more. But I won't push it and will build my mileage on the 10% rule.

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