Friday, March 28, 2008


Was able to get out and run today because my Dad babysat the girls. Thanks Dad!!!

I broke out my "training for endurance" book by Dr. Phillip Maffetone today. I used it when I was training in 2005. I really believe in the low heart rate training system, and I just want to get back on track. This helps me to be able to run every day, and that is what I want:)

So, MAF training uses the formula 180 - age. So, 180-43 = 137 and there is a chart that say add or subtract based on your ability. I am subtracting 5 more, since I am starting over from scratch (basically meaning I haven't been doing exercise/running consistently for 2 years). So, now my heart rate that I DON'T want to go above is 180-43=137-5=132

Today's run I kept to the above philosophy. Wasn't as slow as I thought. My records show when I did this in 2005 I was running at about a 16minute pace to start. And by the end of the 3 months of training, I was running about a 9:30 - 10:oo minute pace at this low heart rate. Back then it was 180-40 = 140 I didn't deduct 5 back then because I had been doing stuff at the gym and felt in pretty good shape. Today was slower than my runs have been so far this year, but not by much.

Weather- 46 degrees and gray skies. Rain in forecast, but didn't rain during run:)
Distance: 2.01 miles
Time: 25:39
Avg pace: 12:45
Calories: 169
Avg HR: 126 Max HR: 138

My splits were as follows: (only ran 2 miles today)
Mile 1 - 12:21 avgHR 126
Mile 2 - 13:06 avgHR 127

I really want to stay below 132, but if it creeps up, at least I'm still below 137. But I'll work on it, but hard to do in my neighborhood with all the hills. But when I started back in January, my HR would shoot up to 165, running the same route, so at least I know I'm doing something right. I can run it now, and not go over my average:)

I plan to do this program, building my mileage up weekly for 12 weeks, and then go right into John Parkers 12 week Advanced program to train for the Staten Island Half on September 14th!! I realize that during true MAF training I shouldn't be running races, but I have to do my 9 races, and I'll see how it affects my overall numbers. But it will be great training for when I start basebuilding for the marathon starting in October. Can't hurt to have a little practice. As they say, practice makes perfect. I want to get all the kinks worked out now!

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BeachRunner411 said...

Fantastic. Keep up the great work!