Saturday, March 22, 2008


Temperature was about 46, it was gorgeous. Not windy at all, and just nice and warm. I actually had to take off my gloves. I ran later in the day than usual, but being the day before Easter, we had the Easter Egg Hunt at the club in the morning, then brunch with my parents since we'll be with my husbands family this year for Easter Sunday.
54:09 minutes
142 AVG HR 167 MAX HR
4.77 miles
11:21 pace
456 cals
splits were as follows:
Mile 1 - 11:00 138 AVG 143 154 MAX
Mile 2 - 10:39 148 AVG 137 156 MAX
Mile 3 - 11:56 147 AVG 139 169 MAX
Mile 4 - 11:15 140 AVG 143 158 MAX
.77 - 9:17 140 AVG 143 158 MAX

Run felt really good today. I was going to go out my usual run, which till now has been going out 1.5 miles and coming back. But I wanted to increase it to going out 2, and coming back, for a total of 4 miles. But decided instead of coming back, I was just continue and complete the 4.5 mile loop. There were some hills, but nothing too bad, and I didn't have to stop. My HR was a little higher today than I intended, but it went down just as fast as it went up, so I was pleased. I haven't run this far yet, since I started in January, and it was amazing. I had no stitches and the legs felt strong:)

Tomorrow is Easter, so probably taking the day off. Will be back on Monday!

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