Saturday, March 1, 2008

Had a nice peaceful awakening this a.m. :) Took my resting HR, and the lowest I saw it was 51. So, I think my numbers are as follows:
Tues = 53
Wed = 53
Thurs = 52
Fri = 51
Sat = 51
So I think my resting HR is 52
Ok, I plugged the numbers in to John Parkers worksheet. I don't have an actual MAX yet, so I just used the formula 205 - 1/2 my age (22) +5 for female
205-22+5= giving me an estimated max of 188
now I subtract my resting HR from this 188-52=136 (my range) now multiply 70% from this,
getting 95.2 then adding the resting HR back in (95.2+52=147.2)
So 147 is my 70% recovery
wow, I was way off, I was using 140. Guess I won't know for sure until March 9th, after the 4M colon cancer race.
Based on the above, my 85% threshold would be:
Taking my estimated max of 188 and subtracting my resting HR (188-52=136*.85 + 52= 167.6
So, 167 is my 85% level, or threshold floor
Well, I woke this morning to snow/rain/sleet and ice. The roads looked very slick, but as I type this the sun is coming out. If the sun melts things so it's not sooo icy Iwill get out there and do my run and apply my new numbers and see how it goes!

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robison52 said...

I don't take too much stock in heart rate forumlas as they aren't very reliable for your MHR, best would be your March 9th max effort in 4 mile race, which is just around the corner! Good idea for now is to check out the 147 bpm for a 70% recovery run is on your next run see where the 147 bpm "feels" on a perceived effort scale.