Saturday, March 15, 2008

Well, here is my picture crossing the finish line af the NY Colon Cancer 4Miler!! You can even see my brother John (dressed in Black) behind me. We ran the race together, but I sprinted at the end. Way to go partner! We did it!! One race down, MANY more to go!! Thanks for sharing this experience/journey with me!! You too John B and Tommy La. And of course my wonderful husband, for being SO supportive. I know soon honey, you WILL be out here running with us!!


robison52 said...

You look very strong and fresh, you could have run another mile easily! You're very lucky to have such support!!

Joanne Evangelist said...

Thanks Bruce!!

I felt like I could have run further. I have my training down pretty good, but now I have to learn how to run the races. I want to hit the finish line completely spent/exhausted. But, I don't want to go out too fast, and burn out at the end before the finish line. LOL

I guess in time and with races under my belt I'll learn how to "know when to push myself". In this race, I sprinted the last 1/4 mile (I think?). I tried keeping my HR at about 80% throughout, but I don't think I did, cause I definitely think I could have run about 30 seconds faster each mile. I wanted to, but was afraid I wouldn't have enough for the end.

In time, as my brother gets more into his 'quicker' pace, I'll have him to follow, so that will help.

I don't know, I like how things are going. My trainings going well, now I just need to transform that to the races.