Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ok run today. It was HOT, 56 degrees, and I didn't dress appropriately:( Now I know if it is above 30 degrees, I can not wear a jacket. or at least not a jacket over a long sleeved shirt. Think I would have done fine in a short sleeved shirt alone, but still experimenting with the weather!
Because of the heat, my HR was up, so I just ran. It really didn't go that high, so....
My splits were as follows:
Mile1= 10:25 AVGHR 150 MAXHR 168
Mile2= 9:26 AVGHR 140 MAXHR 152
Mile3= 9:28 AVGHR 143 MAXHR 151

At the end of the run I went right in the gym and lifted with my legs. 3 leg machines, 2 sets for each; 12 reps. Felt really good. Going to try to lift on Tuesdays and Thursdays!!!

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