Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Run today went better. It was around the same temp, but windy and no sun. Looked like rain, but never did:) I wore a sleeveless coolmax shirt and a rain shell. Felt good. Not too cold, not too warm.
My splits were as follows:
Mile1= 10:05 AVGHR 137 MAXHR 150
Mile2= 9:53 AVGHR 143 MAXHR 151
Mile3= 10:02 AVGHR 143 MAXHR 150

Over all felt great! Can't believe only 4 more days till my first race. I'm soooo excited. Weather has been great. Though they are calling for possible snow Saturday, but beautiful, warm and sunny on Sunday, the day of the race. Sooo, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and getting in my training!!

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robison52 said...

Sounds like you've got your clothing combinations down pat! You're going to do great in your first race and can hardly wait to read about your upcoming success! Trust your training! Are you planning on a small taper before the race? Maybe a rest day on Friday??