Saturday, March 1, 2008

Great run today! Temp said 39 degrees, but while I was running, with the blue skies and sunny, it started snowing. LOL Applied the new 147 as my 70%. Increased my pace and didn't feel winded at all. It was nice!!
My splits were as follows:
Mile1=10:04 AVGHR 139 MAXHR 150
Mile2=9:52 AVGHR 145 MAXHR 150
Mile3=9:47 AVGHR 144 MAXHR 149
Majority of the HR stayed in the zone (26:12), below 147. But when it did go above, it never went above 150, which is only 73%. So overall, VERY pleased with how todays run went!!!!
Even though I got my numbers wrong for the first 2 months of training, where I was actually training in the 60-65% range, it was all good. As they say, slow and steady, under 70% does the trick. So, now I can enjoy a faster pace, and still be under my 70%. YAY!!!!!!

1 week and 1 day till my 4M race in Central Park. Can't wait to see what my pace will be. I'm aiming to run it at 80-85% HR, so that's as high as 167. Time will tell. Also hoping I'll know my true/real MAX HR after this race:)

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