Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Temperature - 46 degrees,
38:53 minutes
128 AVG HR 142 MAX HR
3.0 miles
12:57 pace
In zone 38:53 - was in my zone the whole time. Stayed under 70%!!!!
243 cals
splits were as follows:
Mile 1 - 12:42 130AVG 133 142 MAX
Mile 2 - 13:04 130 AVG 126 139 MAX
Mile 3 - 13:05 130 AVG 126 139 MAX
Really nice run in the rain today. Kept it nice and SLOW. Stayed under 70% the whole time. Legs felt GREAT!!
But I had a stich/cramp the WHOLE time. Never walked, ran through it, but could not get rid of the stitch/cramp:( I really have to be aware of what I am eating. I ate my husbands chicken cutlet sandwich, about a half hour before I went running. Morning was hectic and never had breakfast, and then gulped down the sandwich. I'm sure that caused the cramps, but I really need to figure out what a runner should be eating. LOL Not too mention, I know I need to drink more WATER.
But over all, a great run!

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