Friday, March 14, 2008

Had a really nice 3 mile run today. I used the Garmin and actually hit my splits based on what IT said, not my polar or the nike+ LOL The latter two aren't too off, but they weren't accurate. So, I can officially say that I ran a full 3 mile training run today for the first time. LOL
And, it was great! I didn't really feel anything in my calf. Running with the new shoes and walking in the other shoes, seems to have fixed my problem. I will be very careful to change my shoes when it's needed next time!!!
Time: 35:51
Distance: 3.0 miles
AVG HR 137 MAX HR 148
AVG pace 10:54
Cals burned - 234

oops, I'll be back time to pick up my little one from school.

My splits were as follows:

Mile1= 11:46 AVGHR 130 138 MAXHR 146

Mile2= 11:52 AVGHR 141 144 MAXHR 147

Mile3= 12:12 AVGHR 139 143 MAXHR 148

Majority of the HR stayed in the zone (35:12). below zone for :27 seconds

I'm really happy with how todays run went. I really think the new shoes was the problem. Tomorrow I will run on the elliptical machine at the gym, and see if I can incorporate that as a cross training. In the past I haven't liked the elliptical, but I'm willing to give it another try. I'd like to get to the point where I am running 4 days a week, but right now, until I am 100% sure this calf issue is OVER, I will run every other day to ensure good recovery.


Anonymous said...

Another great job. :)

robison52 said...

Happy to hear you solved your calf problem with new shoes! I need to consider buying new shoes as well...normally I would retire them at 500 miles, but the lighter shoes (ASICS DS GEL Trainers) appear to be worn out before 400 miles. My stability shoes are longer lasting, but are too heavy for speed drills and races.

Joanne Evangelist said...

Hey Bruce,

Well, I'm hoping it solved my calf issue. Yesterday's run definitely felt BETTER, and I don't feel the calf when just walking around anymore.

When you retire a pair of running shoes, do you use them for everyday walking shoes?? I pretty much wear sneakers all the time. That is usually what I do. So, now I have new running shoes that now have 3 miles on them, and walking shoes that have about 300 miles on them and they both feel great!

My sneakers are also ASICS (GT 2120's), have no idea what 'kind' of shoe they are. A friend back in 2005 recommended them to me (different number, I think it was 2100 then), and I've stuck with them. But I've been thinking about trying a stability shoe, but don't know if it would help, or what it does?? LOL

I don't really know the definitions of the different styles of shoes, and why one would run with a particular shoe. Please excuse my ignorance.

Guess I'm becomming a runner. I think about running all the time. Think about my times, and training times, and think about what shoes would be best for me. LOL

Hope you enjoy your day off today (Saturday)!!

Joanne Evangelist said...


Thanks honey, before you know it you'll be out there racing with me!!!! I can't wait.