Friday, March 21, 2008


Centerport, NY
As of 11:53 AM EST
FairHigh 45 Low 30
Wind: From theNorthwest at 17 mph
Humidity: 32%
Barometric Pressure: 29.99 and Falling
Had a great run today. Used my Garmin's vertual partner for the first time, and set it to complete 3 miles in 30 minutes. Why I decided to do this today, God knows. Winds outside were fierce. LOL But I did it!! The VP beat me by 33 seconds!!
Using the Garmin was cool!! It definitely kept me moving. That is why I said today's run was a tempo run. I am going to try to do this once a week, and run run at race pace (or close), to get my legs used to running at race pace.
30:45 minutes
150 AVG HR 166 MAX HR
3.02 miles
10:12 pace
In zone 9:11 above zone - 21:59
232 cals

splits were as follows:
Mile 1 - 10:12 147AVG 150 158 MAX
Mile 2 - 10:42 148 AVG 139 152 MAX
Mile 3 - 9:39 155 AVG 150 166 MAX
Overall, the run felt great. Legs just took off. No pain in the calf at all. Did get a stitch, but ran through it, and it was hard running against the wind, but I'll get used to that!! But I liked my time. Since using the Garmin, my times have been slower, because I wasn't accurately running the correct distance. So now I know I'm running 3 miles, and my speed is increasing.
Tomorrow, I will be back to running under my 70% threshold:)

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