Friday, February 29, 2008

Regarding my resting HR, the exact same thing happened this morning:( EXACTLY!

Wondering if I should be cautious and take the higher number 53, or register yesterday and today as 51???????? ARGHHHHHH..... when will my 5 year old sleep until the sun wakes up? LOL Actually she usually does, for some reason she's waking the last 3 mornings:( Wonder if her body is gearing up for daylight savings, which is next weekend???? Oh well.....
Run today went really well. Ran for 3. miles and it took about 31:00. But my HR monitor was really putzing, I think it needs a new transmitter/battery?? We'll see. But the run felt great. Now to get out tomorrow and do it again! Just learned snow is forcasted for tonite thru the nite:( Well, hopefully it won't interfere with my run tomorrow!
Run today went well. Ran 3 miles for the first time and it felt GREAT!!
Mile 1 = 10:23 AVG 137 MAX 155
Mile 2 = 10:15 AVG 141 MAX 148
Mile 3 = 10:26 AVG 144 MAX 149
Strange behavior from my cool gadgets. The polar is acting up, I think it's time to change the batteries, but it worked today for the run thank GOD, because the Nano/Nike+ putzed at about 2.3, it kept shutting off, after the run I realized the battery was low. I listened to phedipidations on the nano last night, bad move. Note to self: Always charge the nano after a run, and listen to podcasts on the ipod video to preserver the battery of the nano specifically for runs!!

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