Friday, February 8, 2008

C25K, W5D2... Felt really good out there today. Weather was sunny blue skies and around 40 degrees. I wore a shirt and a wind jacket and just wind pants. Was a little chilly but after the 5 minute warmup walk, felt fine.

Was able to run the 8 minute intervals with no troubles. Even kept the pace between 8:20 and 9:20, not bad. Finished the program (still listening to Robert Ullery's c25K program), then continued to walk listening to Another Runner's podcast. Man I'm addicted, couldn't wait for him to post another show. I checked itunes just before I went out, and was sooo excited it was there. Downloaded it and off I went. It was great, and he even mentioned me. Now that was amazing. I can not tell you how pumped I got, enough to walk another 2 miles. LOL I really hope he makes it up to the Cow Harbor in September.

Well, as his podcast ended, I started home listening to Nik and Dan (can't wait for their next podcast too. LOL), but when I got to the top of my hill, my Nano went dead. I looked at the screen and sure enough, it was telling me charge battery. I was soooo afraid it didn't record my run, but it did. YEAH!! Thankfully I had the Polar X625x as a backup for mileage, so I really did 5.9, but the Nike+ only registered 5.37. Bummer for the challenge, but I'm still excited I'm getting out there everyday.
Last I looked I was 15th, but again, that only last until the others run again. I'm not in their league, but I'm doing pretty damn good considering 39 days ago I was sitting on the couch!!
Till tomorrow.....

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