Saturday, February 23, 2008

Well, today should have been race day. Wow, we definitely made the right decision not to go in. Outside is a huge sheet of ice. Looks like a big skating rink. Hope everyone is staying home today where it is safe.
If this ice melts, I will try to get outside for a training run, but so far no sign of any sun and the weather is 26 degrees, and they are still forecasting mix of rain and snow all morning:(
Didn't really melt. Decided to just take day off and enjoy allie's bday celebration!

Next race two weeks from today.


robison52 said...

You definitely made the right decision of not racing today!! Your post reminds me of Allen falling on ice and hurting his back this winter, he's still recovering a bit. Looking forward to reading about your race in two weeks, which is just around the corner.

Adam Tinkoff said...

Keep your chin up! The sun is coming to push up those spring bulbs... tulips and daffodils on the way! Pictures! We need Pictures!

Allen said...

It took about 6 weeks for my back to fully recover and 8 weeks for my tailbone. Both are fine now.

The one thing that isn't quite recovered is my right leg/knee. That was a minor but slow healing injury. I cut my distance in half during the recovery, and last week was finally back to my pre-injury distance. My leg/knee feel fine during the day and are just a bit tender after a run.

So, don't run on ice unless you have ice cleats, which I now have; they are great!