Saturday, February 2, 2008

Week 4, Day 1 41 Degrees today

Used the Nike+ this morning for the jog/walk and let me tell you it was awesome. Didn't have to fuss about anything. Just turned it on and went. I also wore the Polar HR monitor as always and the two devices tracked virtually the same distance. Pretty accurate. Guess it works cause I'm small.

Nike+ told me:

Started run at: 9:45a.m.

Total time: 30:07

Distance: 2.58

Pace: 11:38 (which will improve as I do more jogging and less walking)

Once I figure out how to get this link into my webpage, you'll actually be able to click on it and see the results:)
Polar S625X told me:
Start time: 9:45a.m.
Total time: 30:03
Avg HR: 138
Max HR: 180
calories: 205
pace: 11:17
Distance: 2.6

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Adam Tinkoff said...

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Andrea Baron Yerkew or Dorelle Rabinowitz ring any bells?