Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ok, two for two. Got up with about 10min to spare before my 5 year old came pouncing in. LOL Strapped on the HRM, and relaxed for about 10min. Lowest I saw was 53.
So, Resting HR for today = 53

Temp right now is 34 degrees. Plan is to drop kids at school and get right out there and do my run!!

Well, stuck to the plan and got right out there today:)

took till about a mile and a half for my hands to stop freezing, and I was wearing gloves. I didn't think it was that cold, but there was no sun, just gray and cloudy:(

Duration = 2.7

Time = 28 minutes

Pace = 10:19
calories = 150
Did what Allen suggested, drove the car up the hill. My HRM didn't go crazy this time at that point, but did spike for about 2 seconds on my run at the other hill to 169. It went right down and I didn't have to walk:( Just slowed my pace.

Splits were as follows:

mile 1 = 10:36 AVG HR 130 Max HR 169 (darn hill)
mile 2 = 10:38 AVG HR 137 AVG MAX 144
.7 = 6:46 AVG HR 138 AVG MAX 144

Stayed under my 140/70% HR for 23:16
Went above my 140/70% HR for only 4:45 (but most of that was at 141 or 142)
Overall, felt good.

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