Saturday, February 16, 2008

C25K, W7D1 32 degrees today, but beautiful out. Dressed a little too warm, got hot while running. Next time need to be more aware of what to wear!!
Went out a little too fast today, did the first mile in a 9:00min pace. Got a stitch and could never get rid of it. Not sure if it was the chinese food or the glass of wine I had at dinner last nite. Both of which I should abstain from!! Lowered the pace to about 10min, and finished the 25 minutes, but still had a stitch, not as bad as in the beginning, but it was lingering:(
But with the 5 minute warm (walk) up, 25 minute run and then the 5 minute cool down (walk), I was pleased I came in at 3.43 (Polar told me 3.5), but either way, I was in at about an 11:26 pace over all. A few more weeks, most of my program will be running, so I should see a better pace. But I'm not complaining, I'm WAY ahead in my training, then when I trained in 2005. Wonder if it's because in 2005 I started on the dreaded treadmil, and this time I got myself outside in the cold, snow, etc...????
But, I'm well on my way to getting to the point where I can really start training for my races and accomplishing my goal of 9 NYRR races this year!!

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robison52 said...

I'll bet your improvement is largely based on running the roads rather than last year's dreadmill...roads does make it easier to face even if it's cold you already know, it's easy to keep warm with layering (sometimes too easy to keep warm). Keep up the great work!!