Sunday, February 10, 2008

Well, I didn't get out for my walk until 3:30ish, as I was watching my beloved New York Rangers. They played a heartfelt game, but lost in OT to Washington:( The game started at 1pm, and it was blue skies and sunny, and 52 degrees. By the time the game ended, it had gotten very windy and gray out, and the temp dropped to 40 degrees. During my walk, it was chilly, but I had no clue that it was going to snow. Started as little flurries, and then just started blizzarding. About halfway through, the sun came out again, and it just looked gorgeous with all the snow covering the trees. But, it wasn't over yet. got gray and windy again, and started blizzarding again! But I kept on walking!!! It was awesome!! By the time I returned home, the temperature had dropped to 31 degrees. Yikes!!
Polar HR monitor told me:
Start time: 3:37p.m.
Distance: 6.8
Time: 1:37:27
Pace: 14:19
Avg HR: 116
Max HR: 219 (this CAN'T be right, as I walked the whole distance!!)
Calories: 412

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