Monday, February 18, 2008

Was a great day today, though I still feel stiff in the left achilles and thigh. Weather was a bit balmy (56 degrees). It poured all morning, but I timed my run perfectly. No rain at all. Was warm to run, but felt good. Made it through the 25 minutes of running without stopping. C25K, W7D2.
I have totally re-evaluated how I need to do my training. I've emailed Allen, and hopefully I can correspond with him and try to figure out how to apply his program to mine. I realize I have races coming up that I may not be ready for, so I'll have to walk when I need to, but I have to figure out how to increast my mileage, while doing these races, and stay injury free. I HAVE TO LEAVE MY EGO/COMPETITIVENESS AT THE DOOR!!!!!!!!
I really messed up. I should have started back in September, with no races, and 4 months of just base building, starting with just walking and working my way up to C25K, and so on.
I'm am not giving up, I'm just stating the facts. I'm a little behind the eight ball. But I will get there!!!!!!!!!! First priority is injury free!!!!! Second is slowly building up the mileage.

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robison52 said...

The general rule is to increase your training by 10% increments, but this rule could either be shorten to 5% if you're injury prone, or increased to higher than 15% if you're young and strong. Give yourself a cut-back week every third week as to allow your body to recover before increasing again.

Nothing wrong with having an ego and being competitive as that will have you eager for better training and higher goals.

Hopefully your stiff left achilles and thigh is just a warning that you're pushing hard and not a sign of an upcoming injury. You should be icing your achilles and thighs after every run as a precaution.