Monday, February 25, 2008

Ok, after taking 3 days off, it felt great to be out on the road again. Just a gorgeous day. 40 degrees.

Run felt great. I ran for 2.6, for 28 min. 10:26 pace 143 calories

Stayed under my 70% HR for 26:44

Went above my 70% HR for only 1:16

Yeah, felt good, and was very good about staying under 70%:)
For some reason at the beginning of my run, at the same exact spot as last time, my HRM spiked up to 172. No way was I running fast enough for it to spike, so I don't know if there is an electrical wire (I don't see one), a microwave, or a motorcycle or car engine????? Really pisses me off, but it seems to happen every run at that spot. Unfortuneately, I can't change my route just yet:( Soon though!!
So, here are my splits:
1st mile - 10:55 AVG HR 124 Max HR 172
2nd mile - 10:16 AVG HR 136 Max HR 143
.6 - 6:48 AVG HR 134 Max HR 144
Overall, felt really good. I really felt like I could have gone further, but don't want to push it. But staying at 70% is definitely very comfortable now. Which means, my numbers are probably not quite right. I will work on getting my resting HR in the mornings this week, and then getting my max HR at the 4M race on March 9th. Then my numbers should be a little more accurate.
But, eventhough they may not be quite right, I think they are on the low side, so it's still benefiting my workouts.

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Allen said...

When you're able to change your route, it will be interesting to see if a spike occurs at about the same time into the run as it has been occurring. If it does, then I would guess that you might need to go a little slower during the warm-up phase of the run.