Friday, June 5, 2009


Plan for today was 10K time trial, and Josh said I was on my own on how to approach it. Well, woke at 7:30 (got to bed late the nite before, 11pm:( had to get kids ready for school. Both finished hw, bathed them both, and got them both breakfast. Not bad for a pre race ritual, LMAO

Dropped them at school @ 9:15, came back to my house, packed a bag (clothes to change into as it was raining out), and then headed over to the Cow Harbor 10K start in Northport.

Temp said 57F, and it was chilly and raining. Not hard, but a good mist for the whole race. I wore my long tank bra, but decided to wear my bright yellow long sleeve Brooks jacket on top, more for SAFETY, then to protect me from the rain.

The CowHarbor course can be dangerous on a good day, with traffic, but with the rain and clouds I wanted the drivers to see me from a mile away. So, while running I did get a tad warm, but was never winded, and never had to stop to walk. Yeah baby.

Last time I ran this course was Sept 08, and tho I PRd at 52:41 then, I did have to walk up James Street, NOT today:) tho it was my slower mile because of the hill, but I plugged along:)

Run felt really good, strange running a race all by yourself. Tho, every time I felt down or wanted to stop, I thought of my hubby (BR411), Josh and all my twitter/blog buddies, and just kept plugging along and found this amazing strength I never knew I had. It felt amazing.

Total time: 50:06 for an average pace of 8:04

My splits according to my Garmin301:
M1 - 7:46
M2- 9:07 (James Street hill)
M3- 8:11
M4- 7:09
M5- 9:27 (gradual incline on Waterside)
M6- 7:59
last .2 - 1:27

So tho I didn't break 51:00, which was my goal, I crushed my previous course record of 52:41, in sort of crappy conditions (cold & rainy, running all by myself:( But I have the Garmin data to prove I did it, and I will show Josh the Garmin on 6/13 when we run the Dash & Splash in Central Park, when he really puts me through the 10K Time Trial, his way. Can't wait:)!!!!!

Oh, btw, I did have the sushi last nite:) and no breakfast before I ran. Feeling really good:)!!! Post race had hot coffee.
Forgot to do the core workout right away, but I did get it done eventually lol

Strength Core Fun
Knee Crunches 1set 20reps
Hip Lifts 1set 12reps
Standard Crunches 1set 20reps
Push Ups 1set 25reps
Push Ups 2nd set 10reps
Obliques Crunches 0 0
Heel Touches 2 sets 20 reps
Bicycles 2sets 20reps
Oblique Twists 0 0
Supermans 2sets 20 reps
1-Min Planks 2sets
And also got my 16min Yoga for runners by Karen Fowler in. Woo Hoo, for a great day of exercise. BR411 even commented last night that he could feel my abs. YEAH:)!!


430orbust said...

Wow! What an awesome run. Congrats!

robison52 said...

Your 10k course record is impressive considering it was chilly and raining, you're going to clobber that 10k race!!