Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Plan today was to run 6miles easy, sticking to a 9:45 pace (+/-10secs 9:40-9:50)

Didn't get out for my run till 1pm, as this morning my 8yo daughter had her moving up/graduation ceremony. I still can't believe she's going into 3rd grade. Seems like yesterday we brought her home from the hospital:(

Temp said 66F, and blue skies and sun (tho it didn't last long, by 5pm, sun went behind clouds as we are expecting 5-6 more days of rain Grrrrr).

Great run today. Legs felt kind of heavy at first, think they just needed to wake up, as I had sat through the ceremony, just before my run. Overall legs felt awesome:)

According to my Garmin301, mile splits were:
M1- 9:41
M2- 9:47
M3- 9:41
M4- 9:45
M5- 9:51
M6- 9:44

Pretty consistent, and within the range Josh said:)!!

I'm a little bummed I realized into the first mile that I forgot to put my HRM on. Been so long since I wore it, I have to train myself to wear it again. Make it apart of my running gear and put it on every run!!

I followed the run immediately with the Core Fun workout. No yoga, but will get back to doing that again too:)

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D10 said...

Way to stay at an even pace!