Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I woke Saturday morning at 8:30, after going to bed at 9:30pm. Great/fantastic sleep. Legs felt great, no soreness. I had my coffee and heavy cream, and I also ate oatmeal and a banana, and had a O.N.E. coconut water with it, then about 10:20 I went out for my 5 mile recovery run. I decided to run totally by heart rate, and to keep it average of 132ish, legs felt really good/strong, and had no knee issues with the slower pace, and I completed the run in 48:30 with an overall pace of 9:42.

I had no knee ill affects today at all from the slower pace. I’m more convinced than ever the occasional achiness I’m feeling in my left knee is from sitting, not the running pace. Sitting in an upright position, or driving position.

The run went as follows according to my Garmin 305:
M1- 9:45 avgHR 122 - maxHR 144
M2- 9:40 avgHR 134 - maxHR 139
M3- 9:44 avgHR 136 - maxHR 147
M4- 9:42 avgHR 134 - maxHR 141
M5- 9:39 avgHR 135 - maxHR 146

Today’s run was not as hot/humid as Fridays. The legs felt really good/strong, and again, I had no knee pain at all. I did run with my water bottle filled with O.N.E. coconut water, 20oz, and I drank about half of it during the run, and finished the rest walking back up to my house. After I did the core workout and yoga, I took a 10min hot bath. Then I had lunch, which was a whole wheat bagel with tuna fish, and a 20oz Gatorade. Then we spent the day at the club in the hot sun, probably 1-5pm. I drank about 32oz of pelligrino during the afternoon, and also noshed on some almonds, probably 2oz worth. Then for dinner we had Greek, and I had the lemon/chicken soup, greek salad and the gyro. I followed dinner with Baskin Robbins again; same mint chocolate chip ice cream. Don’t worry I won’t make a habit of the ice cream. I hadn’t had it in years before Friday nights date night, and my girls were jealous that we went out for ice cream without them. Usually we take them out and Gregg and the girls splurge, but not me LOL. Went to sleep around 9pm.

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