Monday, June 8, 2009


Start of Week #5 for NYC:)!!

Plan for today was 6miles easy @9:35 pace +/- 10secs; meaning 9:30-9:40

Run got delayed a tad, as the guys arrived to rip out our driveway. Still had plenty of time to get the run in comfortably, do the core workout immediately after, and then pick up my kids at school.

Run felt good today, though legs felt a tad heavy. Not sure if that is because I didn't eat. I did have 1/2 a bagel with peanut butter around 10am, but since my run got delayed I probably should have eaten something else. Oh well, live and learn.

Run as a whole went well. My average pace for the 6 miles was 9:44, not great. I didn't hit my splits today as well as I should have:( My Garmin was bouncing all over the place with the pace, as the trees are now in full bloom:( Oh well.

Mile splits according to my Garmin301:
M1- 9:30
M2- 9:41
m3- 9:40
M4- 10:00
M5- 9:37
M6- 9:58

I felt like I was running consistently, but the data above states otherwise:(

Interesting to see how my legs feel tomorrow, and how they respond to the hill sprint repeats planned for tomorrow. Time will tell. I still have the 10K time trial on Saturday, that will be run with my coach!!

Followed the run immediately with Core Fun workout:
Standard Crunches 1set 20reps
Hip Lifts 1set 20reps
Knee Crunches 1set 20reps
Push Ups 1set 20reps
Push Ups 2nd set 20reps
Obliques Crunches 1set 20reps
Heel Touches 2 sets 20 reps
Bicycles 2sets 20reps
Oblique Twists 0 0
Supermans 2sets 20 reps
1-Min Planks 2sets

Workout felt great. Really pushed it today. In the past I took a break between each set. Today I did them 1,2,3 BAM. Felt great. Man the planks are a killer but I held on till the end:)!!

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