Monday, June 1, 2009


Start of week #4, according to Josh, this will be an easy week.

Plan for today was 4 easy miles at 9:35 pace (+/- 10secs)

Temp today was gorgeous. A tad chilly running around the pond, but temp said 57F at the start & 59F at the end. I didn`t even break a sweat during todays run.

Legs/knees felt awesome. Really working hard to keep the pace slow.

4 Miles in 38:40 (avg pace of 9:35)

Mile splits according to my Garmin301:
M1- 9:41
M2 - 9:45
M3 - 9:38
M4 - 9:36

During M2 I met up with a buddy of mine, and the pace slowed a tad, but still within my mark, so ok. We ran for a mile and then he went on his way:)

Followed the run immediately with the assigned core workout. Fun stuff:)!! And then had my EAS carb control energy drink for recovery.

Strength Core Fun
Standard Crunches 1set 20reps
Hip Lifts 1set 12reps
Knee Crunches 1set 10reps
Push Ups 1set 25reps
Push Ups 2nd set 10reps
Obliques Crunches 0 0
Heel Touches 2 sets 20 reps
Bicycles 2sets 20reps
Oblique Twists 0 0
Supermans 2sets 20 reps
1-Min Planks 2sets, held them both this time for 60 secs. YEAHHHH

Very happy with my core workout today. I did a ton more today than I did last week. Still can`t do the obliques, but I know in time I will do them:)!! Only could do 12 Hip Lifts, and 10 Knee Crunches, but that`s 12 and 10 more than I could do last week:)!! Pushups were hard. Did 25 for the first set, and boy did they burn, but I did it. Could only do 10 for the 2nd set, but still good. Good burn. Good improvement from last week. Feeling stronger already:)!!

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