Friday, June 12, 2009


Very easy 4 miles today. Average pace was 10:05 Legs felt good.

Followed the run immediately with the Core Fun workout:

Knee Crunches 1set 20reps
Hip Lifts 1set 14reps
Standard Crunches 1set 20reps
Push Ups 1set 25reps
Push Ups 2nd set 20reps
Obliques Crunches 0 0
Heel Touches 2 sets 20 reps
Bicycles 2sets 20reps
Oblique Twists 0 0
Supermans 2sets 20 reps
1-Min Planks 2sets

And also got my 16min Yoga for runners by Karen Fowler in. Then I soaked in a hot bath tub.

Great workout, I'm ready to crush tomorrow's 10K

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