Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Great interval workout today. Plan called for 15min w/u, followed by 6 x 3min @8:30 paces then a 2min recovery jog, then a 15min cooldown at 9:45pace.

Got out there as soon as I dropped kids off at school, as the sky was turning black and I wanted to get the run in before the rain hit. Very humid out there, but felt ok during the run.Think the temp said 65F at start, and it was 70F at finish, but run felt fantastic. I did feel the knee a tad during the run parts, but nothing that hurt, and never had to stop. I did stretch big time when the run finished:)!!

I used my Garmins301s interval workout for the first time. WooHoo, it was awesome. Was nice not having to keep trap of this stuff in my head. LOL Set it for run for 3min, rest 2min, and ran my 8:30 pace for 3min, then did the jog recovery for the 2min. and set it for 6 sets. Nice.

Here is the info that uploaded to my computer when I got home:

Total workout time: 1:00:00 Total mileage: 6.32

15min w/u- 1.5 miles, 10min pace

set 1 - 8:37avgpace .35miles 10:29avgpace .19miles (recovery)
set 2 - 8:22avgpace .36miles 10:13avgpace .20miles (recovery)
set 3 - 8:30avgpace .35miles 9:52avgpace .20miles (recovery)
set 4 - 8:35avgpace .35miles 10:02avgpace .20miles (recovery)
set 5 - 8:20avgpace .36miles 9:45avgpace .21miles (recovery)
set 6 - 8:20avgpace .36miles 10:26avgpace .19miles (recovery)

Then 15min cooldown @9:45pace, covered 1.57 miles; avg pace of 9:34

Followed above with the core 6 workout out. Yes, done, felt great:)
Strength Core6
1-Min Planks 2sets
Bicycles 2sets 25
Oblique crunches 0
Crunches 1 set of 25
Hip Extensions 1 set of 25
Pushups 1 set of 20

Core workout felt great today. Still can`t do the obliques. Grrr.... But completed everything else. 2nd set of planks, with 5 seconds left, really felt it, but held on:) Pushups burned from 15 on, but I got all 20 done. Yes, girlie style, but I did it:)!!

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