Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Plan for today was: .5mile w/u, then 4 x 1miles w 2min jog recovery in b/t, followed by .5 mile c/d. Basically I was told to push it so hard that I felt like I'd puke, or the way I felt in Saturdays race, sprinting up Cat Hill (for all you people who race in Central Park, YOU KNOW what I'm talking about LOL). and I was told to keep each mile within 5-10secs of each other.

Got to the track at 10:25, sun was peaking in and out of clouds, and it was breezy, so not hot. Did get hot during run, but workout felt awesome.

Did my .5mile w/u in 5:44, the proceeded to do the mile repeats. I set my Garmin 301 to interval workout, by distance and rest, for 4 laps. I've never done a track workout before, and was amazed how well the Garmin told me my pace. It was awesome (certainly helped that there we no trees around at all), and the 305 will be even better when it gets here.

This is the data that uploaded to my computer from the 301 when I got home:
M1- 7:25 (avg speed 8.1mph max speed 9.8mph and avg HR 153 Max HR 161
2min walk/rest - .21miles i jogged slowly this time (HR 142 Max HR 158)

M2- 7:23 (avg speed 8.1mph max speed 9.4mph and avg HR 159 Max HR 183
2min walk/rest -.13miles i jogged a little, mostly stood drinking catching my breath (HR 149 Max HR 169)

M3- 7:29 (avg speed 8.0mph max speed 9.8mph and avg HR 159 Max HR 169
2min walk/rest - 484.5 feet no jog, walked sucking wind, drinking (HR 140 Max HR 169)

M4- 7:31 (avg speed 8.0mph max speed 10.0mph and avg HR 161 Max HR 174
2min walk/rest -524.7 feet no jog, walked sucking wind, drinking (HR 137 Max HR 170)

Overall workout times are 4.53miles in 37:50
of that, I ran for 29:50 and covered 4miles and walked/rested 8min and covered .53miles

Ok, I didn't puke, but I definitely pushed, cause on the last mile I dry heaved, and some of my breakfast came up in my mouth. I know, too much information, but coach, you wanted to know LMAO.

I followed this workout immediately with the core 6 program, and OMG, I was SOOOO close to puking, but I did it.
Pushups 1 set of 20
Hip Extensions 1 set of 25
Crunches 1 set of 25
Oblique crunches 2sets of 25
Bicycles 2sets 25
1-Min Planks 2sets

My knee dropped to the floor on the 2nd set of planks, but I pushed thru it and got the plank form back and finished it out. OMG, what an awesome workout:)!!!

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DuffRunner said...

damn! your workout is impressive. keep it up!