Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Originally plan was 6 miles @9:45 pace, but since my left knee was achy yesterday, coach and I talked about it, and decided to up the slow pace to 9:15. We're thinking that maybe the slower paces are changing my gait too much and I was getting a little discomfort in the knee. Again, never during a run, only afterwards if I was sitting in an upright position.

I find it funny that my slow pace (or comfortable pace) is now 9:15/mile. When I started running back on January 2, 2008, at this same avg HR (146), I was run/walking about a 17min pace. Wow, I've come a long way:)!! Just hoping that this faster pace, won't take it's toll on me, and will enable me to recover properly. Will monitor it and make sure there is no knee pain, and that I am taking each workout one day (or week) at a time:)!!

So, I got out the door at 9:51am, and did an out and back route of 3 out/3back for 6miles. Legs felt awesome. I kept to the 9:15pace and the left knee was not an issue at this pace at all. No pain before, during or after run today:)!! I kept an avg speed of 6.5 for each mile.

6 miles in 55:35 for an avg pace of 9:16

HR avg was 146 and cardiac drift: 156

According to my Garmin 305 my splits were:
M1-9:13 avg HR: 141 cardiac drift: 152
M2-9:17 avg HR: 149 cardiac drift: 156
M3-9:17 avg HR: 146 cardiac drift: 153
M4-9:23 (uphill) avg HR: 147 cardiac drift: 154
M5-9:12 avg HR: 148 cardiac drift: 155
M6-9:12 avg HR: 147 cardiac drift: 155

Just a great run. Looking forward to tmo's rest day:)!! It was hot and humid out there today, but it didn't affect my run:)!

Followed the run immediately with the Core Fun (10 core exercises) and Chaz's Yoga For Runner's. Still not great at stretching, but doing this yoga and the foam roller is definitely helping:)!!

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Tina at Gotta Run Now said...

I came across your blog recently. Congrats on how much you've improved - your easy pace being so much faster now. That's great! I may try some of the interval workouts you've mentioned. It looks like your training works!