Monday, June 22, 2009

7 MILES @ 9:45 PACE

Plan: Nothing Fancy; 9:45 pace (stay within +/- 10s)

Legs felt good, but I did feel a twinge above my left knee. Nothing serious, iced afterwards, and went away.

My last run w my Garmin301:

7 miles in 1:08:09 avg pace 9:44 (avg HR 140 Max HR 157)
According to my Garmin301 splits were:
M1-9:42 (avg HR 145 Max HR 152)
M2-9:45 (avg HR 144 Max HR 157)
M3-9:45 (avg HR 138 Max HR 151)
M4-9:42 (avg HR 143 Max HR 155)
M5-9:45 (avg HR 144 Max HR 153)
M6-9:45 (avg HR 130 Max HR 153)
M7-9:45 (avg HR 139 Max HR 150)

Followed the run with the Core Fun (10 core exercises) and Karen Fowler's Yoga for Runners

1 comment:

robison52 said...

Your steady splits and even steadier heart rates for SEVEN MILES shows fantatic discipline and keeping your mind on your effort. Great job!!